Enterprise system integration is the process of connecting existing systems to share and communicate information. Integrating applications enables data to flow between systems with ease, simplifying IT processes and increasing agility across your business.

Prior to the emergence of cloud computing, integration could be categorized as either internal or business to business (B2B). Internal integration requirements were serviced through an on-premises middleware platform and typically utilized a service bus to manage exchange of data between systems. B2B integration was serviced through EDI gateways or value-added network (VAN). The advent of SaaS applications created a new kind of demand which was met through cloud-based integration. Since their emergence, many such services have also developed the capability to integrate legacy or on-premises applications, as well as function as EDI gateways.

Cloud integration was basically created to break down the data silos, improve connectivity and optimize the business process. Cloud integration has increased its popularity as the usage of Software as a Service solutions is growing day by day.

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